Brett Horton

In today’s newsletter, I bring someone very special. Let me introduce you all to the one and only Brett Horton:

Brett Horton is an American songwriter, author, visual artist and independent filmmaker who was born on the outskirts of Kansas City and grew up in Oklahoma and Delaware.  He began his performing career as a teenager, forming his first band with neighborhood friends at 13 and has since traveled and recorded extensively, playing many shows, solo and with myriad groups and collaborations, living in many different places.  He is also a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist for the eclectic indy rock group, the Gardes.

Associated Acts: The Gardes, Naomi Nameless & Her Orphans,  etc.

For booking requests or any message of any sorts, please e-mail:


Follow him on Instagram: @brettahorton


His website:




His work art and portfolio online: 


Listen to some of his music On spotify: 

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